A week and a half ago we had no snow.
Now, we have snow a-plenty.
Like, a tonne of it.
And it keeps on coming.
Yesterday it was snowing and snowing and snowing. Big, fat snowflakes. More like snow balls really.
It was the perfect day for making snowflakes. I don’t think I’ve made snowflakes in a few years, but I always like making them, and I thought Seth would like it too. He did.

He actually cut snowflakes for two solid hours. No exaggeration.
Ben just colored on mine.
We went through a lot of paper.
And a lot of tape hanging them up. We ran out of room on the window,
so we put the rest up on our wall.

I kind of like it. And I’m pretty impressed with Seth’s snowflake-making skills.
Anyway today it is STILL snowing. There is a crazy amount of snow out there! It’s a little wild on the roads but it’s beautiful and festive, so I’ll take it!


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