Yes, we use the Santa card here.

It’s the one time of the year that we really lie to our kids on a very frequent basis.

“You guys better be good- Santa’s watching! All. the. time.”

“Hey! Listen to Mom and Dad! Santa doesn’t bring toys to kids who don’t listen!”

“You guys want to be on the naughty list or what?!”

Hey. It works for us. Don’t judge.

Anyway last night Seth and Ben had hit that time of the day where they turn crazy and run around like wild banshees. I was losing my mind. We had asked them several times (like, at least 23) to go pick up their toys in the basement. They responded as they usually do- continuing whatever they were doing as if we didn’t even exist. Anyway after asking repeatedly with no positive response from the kids, Neil pulled the Santa card. And he pulled it good.
He got on the phone and pretended to be talking to Santa.

No, actually, the boys are NOT listening.
Oh, really?
Not ANY toys?
Oh, okay, I’ll tell the kids.”

Seth immediately burst into tears and started sobbing hysterically while running around picking up every toy and throwing them in the toy box.

I gave Neil a scolding.
“Neil, you can’t be that hard on them. That’s not really fair.”
So I went downstairs to comfort my sobbing son.

“Seth? Daddy wasn’t really talking to Santa.”
The sobs slowed to a whimper as he looked up at me.
“He was talking to one of the elves.”
Hey, I don’t want to lose the Santa advantage just yet!

Oh Seth, don’t ever stop believing!


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