My sister, Suzy Homemaker (aka Alissa) bought her kids these gingerbread Santa sleigh things. And then she was kind enough to give us her leftovers. The kids have been asking to do them for days and so I finally got myself amped up enough to do it tonight.
But then I opened up the box and there was no icing.
Not a big deal, I’ve made this kind of icing many times in the past.
But I guess I don’t usually make it glue-like. I thought I made it thick enough but I guess not.
Anyway, here’s what our sleighs were apparently supposed to look like:
Here’s how ours turned out:

Seth’s turned out a little bit better:

Definitely not up to my usual cookie decorating standards. Oh well, the kids didn’t seem to care. And I was happy because we were all done in under 7 minutes. I’m so glad that’s over. Aunty Alissa, no more gingerbread kits for us please. (But we still love you!)


2 thoughts on “Fail.

  1. dawn says:

    i totally started laughing and colin was looking at me all funny – he didn’t seem to find it quite as entertaining as i did!

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