Some babies came over to play on Friday. I work/worked with their moms.
Jack is 3 months old, Naomi is 5 months old, and Oliver is 7 months old.
We tried to get a picture of them sitting together.
First Naomi got a bit grabby. Jack was just chillin’.

Then Oliver got a bit grabby. (These two might be trouble). Jack was still just chillin’.

I think this is the best shot we got:

Most of them were Oliver trying to crawl away.
Anyway, very cute. Why is Oliver so ginormous all of a sudden? I was thinking he was still so small and baby-ish but apparently I was wrong.
It was fun ladies- let’s do it again sometime!

3 thoughts on “Babies.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    SOOOOOOO cute! I was thinking the whole time: Wow Oliver is HUGE! Pretty funny you were thinking the same thing đŸ™‚


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