The cutest laundry.

Oliver was being a bit fussy the other day. Nothing was keeping him happy for too long. Neil was getting a bit frustrated and so he picked Oliver up and put him in the laundry basket.
And, weirdly, Oliver was happy there for a really long time!

In other Oliver news, he is getting all over the place now. He goes from sitting to crawling position by himself and pulls himself around- he is getting pretty fast now. He is also trying to pull himself up to stand. He can’t do it yet but he sure loves it if you help him out!

He also started doing this silly face where he tilts his chin down, kind of like a nod. So funny.
And Oliver got his first tooth on Friday! I’m sure the 2nd one won’t be too far behind.
Oliver was in his first Christmas concert on Sunday. I didn’t get any pictures because there were about 87 other kids up there too, but he did a great job, just being happy and looking around.
Five sleeps till Christmas Oliver!!


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