Smell like a man.

We were downstairs this morning when the kids announced they were going to go upstairs and jump on my bed. I told them they could not jump on my bed but that they were welcome to jump on their own beds. They promptly ran upstairs.
I scooped Oliver up and we headed upstairs. I noticed that the kids were not in their own room but that they were in my room. And the door was shut. The door is not normally shut.
I opened the door to find this:

My those boys are quick.

No, my four year old son does not normally wear Old Spice deodorant.
Ben had to get in on the action too.

I put the deodorant away and sent them to their room to get dressed.
I heard Seth talking to himself on his way there,
“Now I smell like a man!”
Yes you do Seth. That was a lot of deodorant.


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