2010 Highlights.

Last January I wrote my first ever blog post.
I made my first ever quilt too.
I need to make another one because that was fun.

In February Seth stuck his tongue to a metal railing outside. He still remembers that.

In March I started to get serious about sewing. Who knew sewing would become such a big part of my life? Please note that my sewing desk only looked that clean that one day that I took this picture.

In April my very pregnant self and my Grammy went to Hawaii to visit Rachel. Best trip ever!

May was pretty much the best month. Oliver was born!

June was summer so fun must be had. Oliver was a cranky little thing but we dragged him along with us. We even went camping!

In July Seth turned 4 AND got his first stitch.

The August heat caused me some moments of insanity. It was the last month of summer and we made the most of it. We took a road trip to Minneapolis, went camping again, and had a sleepover in Pine Dock. Oliver was turning out to be a happy baby after all.

September was a big month. I made my first successful batch of cinnamon buns. Oh my. Seth started preschool! And then the very next day he turned spotty with what we thought was chicken pox. The “chicken pox” actually lasted a full 6 weeks+. After a trip to a dermatologist Seth was diagnosed with “some kind of virus”. Oh well, all gone now!

In October we had the best Thanksgiving ever.

In November I did my first craft show and launched my Gigi facebook page. Oliver grew cuter every day.

December was only last week. We were sick and we celebrated Christmas.

Oh 2010, I loved you. I have a feeling I will love 2011 too!


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