Snow day.

Not so much a snow “day” as a snow “half-a-year”, but anyway…
Yesterday I took the kids out to play. All of them. Oliver has barely seen the snow because he’s always tucked away in his carseat covered with a blanket.
I am trying for Mom of the Year this year 😉 and figured actually playing with my children might help my chances.
Considering how cold it was, I think I should win for sure.
I managed to get all of us bundled up and out we went.
Of course the first thing I had to do was prop the kids up and take a picture.
Oliver wasn’t thrilled.

But I still managed to get a good picture. He looks like he might be smiling in this picture but actually he’s still crying. Whatev. Still a good picture.

We walked to the playground at the end of the block. The kids loved it.

Then we walked home and played on our mini snowhill for awhile. Neil had even dug a little cave out under it. It’s pretty fun!

I think that fills my “playing in the snow quota” for now. At least until it’s a little warmer…

P.S. Are you looking for the recipe for the buns I posted pictures of the other day? You’ll find it at the bottom of the post now.

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