Big brother/baby brother.

Seth has loved Oliver ever since Oliver was still a tiny little fetus.
Nothing has changed.
Seth is such a fantastic big brother to Oliver. He is so good at playing with him and making him happy. He shares with him and hugs him and loves him all the time. It is one of the best things ever to go get Oliver up from his nap and carry him into the livingroom where Seth is and see Oliver’s little face light up. He loves his big brother too!

I love watching these two play together. Even if it isn’t always 100% safe.

They’re such good friends already!

And yes, Ben does love Oliver too. But definitely not the same as Seth does. Oliver loves Ben but he also loves getting into Ben’s stuff and Ben’s just not a big fan of that!

4 thoughts on “Big brother/baby brother.

  1. lorchick says:

    Hi! I saw your comment on Luvinthemommyhood and kindof almost spazzed because I was like ‘Winnipeg whaaaaat!’ and then I clicked over to your blog and then I did do a little spazz because baby brother is named Oliver and in this house baby sister is named Olivia. How random/funny! I shall follow your blog. đŸ™‚

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