To the one I love.

Dear Neil,

I really honestly and truly mean it when I say I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

You still look at me the same way you did 10 years ago, eyeing me up and down like I still have a 19 year old body and no grey hairs or tiny wrinkles or slightly misplaced body parts.

You still treat me like I’m your new girlfriend and you can’t get enough of me. You make me feel special every day. Even when I wear sweatpants for 6 out of 7 days straight (because I don’t think you should wear sweatpants to church).

You always hug and kiss me at least once every day (but usually WAY more than that). I know I push you away sometimes or tell you to get your hands off me but really I’m so happy that you love me so much.

We fight sometimes, but never very often, and not very big. But even when we’re fighting I know that you love me even if I’m being a big stubborn baby like usual, and that you will wait for me to finally apologize and never give me a hard time about it. I always, ALWAYS love you, even when I’m being a dink.

You love our children so well. You are a loving and attentive father and the boys love you so much. You are confident and capable and I am never worried to leave all the kids in your care while I go out for a bit. You always do such a good job. You make my life so much easier by being such a fantastic dad.

You take care of us and provide for us and do things with us that you don’t really want to do, just because you know we want to. I appreciate that about you so much.

Even though we don’t have a special date planned and we didn’t do gifts or even get each other cards, and pretty much forgot about Valentine’s Day this year; I don’t mind at all. I know that when I come home from my Zumba class tonight and the kids are all sleeping in bed, we will share even just a few quiet minutes together, and that is enough for me. I love every minute I spend with you. I love that we still laugh so much together and still call each other 4 times a day (or more) and that we still love being together as much as we can.

I really, really, really love you.


3 thoughts on “To the one I love.

  1. mom says:

    as your mom I am happy that you have found such a man as Neil, who so obviously cares about you and loves you deeply. I have also seen him grow into a great and wonderful dad and you are both lucky, him to have you and you to have him.
    I love you both. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a mom and watch your children in an unhappy marriage and I’m thankful that I don’t have to for any of you.

  2. Dad says:

    Wow! He is a very lucky guy to have such an appreciative wife. If he still does all that and it’s still like you’re newlyweds, you truly are one of the luckiest women alive. Neil is doing things as a Dad that most guys don’t get until it’s almost too late. I’m glad you two have so much fun together. It’s a great gift from God that as your father I can look at you two and rest in the fact that Neil is a great man who wants to follow God’s heart. The best is yet to come my girl.

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