I’ve probably mentioned before that my boys eat A LOT. I spend what feels like the majority of my day preparing snacks or meals.
I’ve also noticed that clothes only seem to fit my kids for like 3 weeks, and then they’re too short or something.
I am going broke.
Anyway I decided to do a few things about it.
First, I stopped buying cereal. My kids (and Neil) can literally eat a family sized box in a day and a half. Cereal costs too much money. My father-in-law works at a place where he can get as much oats as you’d ever need for the rest of your life. So now I cook oatmeal from scratch every morning (because on top of the dry cereal we were also going through approximately 35 packages of instant oatmeal a week- NOT an exaggeration!).
The other thing we did was buy a board and screw it to a wall to document our children’s growth on a semi-permanent way. If we move, we can just unscrew it and bring it with us to our new house.
We started in January. I thought we’d maybe mark on it a couple times a year. But last night we thought, what the heck, let’s see if the kids have grown.
This is what we saw:

That’s a good inch. In one month.


3 thoughts on “Sheesh!

  1. lorchick says:

    if it makes you feel better, my three year old GIRL can out-eat me in a heartbeat if she likes what we’re eating. And I’m nursing so you just KNOW that that’s impressive.

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