Benji :: 3

Didn’t he just turn two?

Today Ben is three.

He is wonderful.
He loves doing puzzles. When Seth is at school and Oliver is napping, Ben does puzzles. All by himself.
He still doesn’t say “my”. Just “mine”. Eg. “It’s mine birthday! It’s mine birthday!”
He loves transformers. He calls them “patsformers, cepticons, etc”.
He calls caterpillars “patterkillers”.
He loves watching tv and movies. Would probably watch them all day if I let him.
He loves Seth. Follows him around and does whatever Seth does, says whatever Seth says, calls for Seth when he wakes up from naps, etc.
He still loves his Gigi and does not sleep without it all bunched up in his mouth.
He is silly. Does silly dances, says silly things, makes silly faces and silly sounds. Will most likely cause a lot of trouble when he goes to school…
He is sensitive. Will cry if you scold him. Will cry if you applaud him. Will cry at almost anything.
He is loving. Always gives hugs and kisses goodbye to us and is always so upset when anyone leaves without hugging or kissing him.

Oh Benjamin, I love you and your ways so much. I love the time we spend alone together when Seth is at school and Oliver is napping. You are such a great kid!

Happy Birthday my boy!

PS. I love these pictures because they really capture Ben. That first picture, with the almost-crying face, Ben looks like that a lot. Then that second picture, with that silly face, Ben looks like that a lot. Then the third picture, with the big smile, Ben looks like that a lot too. We love you Ben!!


4 thoughts on “Benji :: 3

  1. lori says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!
    We wish we could have been there to eat cake with you:)
    I wonder what your favorite cake is? Maybe the piece that is in front of you, ha ha!
    We miss you!
    Love Auntie Lori & Uncle D’Arcy

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