The party.

We went with a dinosaur theme. Not unusual for us. In fact, this was our third dinosaur themed party.
Lucky for us we know a lot about dinosaurs.
We had a dinosaur birthday crown for the birthday boy.

Aunty Alissa said we had to have games at the party. So we buried some tiny dinosaurs in a bin of oats and had a dino dig.

I also made some dino eggs. The kids had fun cracking into those.

Oliver had an actual bite or two of the egg and then Neil helped him open his up. Then he had a bite of the dinosaur.
We had food. I made “dino egg” truffles, we had a make-yourself-a-sandwich station, and deviled “dino” eggs (yum!).

And we made cupcakes. We found some dino sprinkles at Superstore. They turned out great and were deeelicious. (I should know, I’ve had about 4 a day since the party…)

I made the birthday boy his own little cake too.

I took one quick picture of the kids. This is what I got (see that pose/face Seth is doing? He is always doing that for pictures lately!):

Anyway, it was a fabulous birthday party and I know that Ben felt loved by everyone that was there! Thanks everyone!

2 thoughts on “The party.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    you weren’t kidding when you said you had an oat connection.

    If you’re thinking about adopting a 4th child, I’m volunteering myself.

    You wouldn’t have to put me through Uni. Think about it.

    Looked awesome, buddy!

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