Holy Jeans.

I mean holey jeans.
Seth burns through the knees in his jeans usually within a month. I have been desperately trying to encourage him to walk upright instead of crawl around like a wild animal in an effort to make his pants last longer. I realize it’s futile. I tried shopping at one of those stores where they’ll replace your kids’ pants if they wear them out before they outgrew them. But they had no nice jeans there. So I’ve been forced to replace jeans on an almost monthly basis and there have been no hand-me-downs for Ben.
So what to do? I could patch them, but usually they’re so far gone it wouldn’t really work. Then I had a thought. Could I patch them as soon as I got them, before he wore them? Like, reinforce them from the inside out? But how to do it without stitching showing up on the outside?
Than a friend of mine suggested iron on patches. Aha! A great idea! But then the idea got even better.
I thought, why not make my own iron on patches using Seth’s beat up jeans? I tried it out today.
And here is my first tutorial!
First, find some old denim. I had cut Seth’s old jeans into shorts when the knees wore out. So I used the bottom part of the jeans.

Then I cut that piece into two patches.

Then I put them on some fusible web. I used Steam-a-Seam, because that’s what I had laying around.

I trimmed around the fusible web. Then I turned the new jeans inside out and placed the patches over the knee area.

Next, iron to set.

And that’s it! Done! Reinforced knees, and no one’s the wiser!

I think this might actually work!

2 thoughts on “Holy Jeans.

  1. lorchick says:

    Nice! I think contrast patches can look nice, too, but when you go buy a nice pair of jeans it’s just nicer to leave them looking the way you bought them. Great idea!

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