When it’s not forty below zero.

When it’s not freezing cold out (spring can you PLEASE hurry up and get here already!?) I like to send the kids out to play. Oliver and I have joined them on a couple of occasions.
Sometimes Oliver enjoys it.

But that is always very short lived.

And then we come inside.
Oliver is quite happy to watch the boys through the patio door

Look at his little fingers with their little dimples. Oh so sweet. If only those finger dimples lasted longer, I just love them so much.

Anyway this system works much better for us.
Until Seth comes running up the stairs and whips the door open without realizing Oliver is leaning against it and Oliver falls out the backdoor wearing only a tshirt and a diaper and lands face first in a doormat covered in snow/dirt. Except then.


3 thoughts on “When it’s not forty below zero.

  1. neilandnikki says:

    oh you think you’re so smart deanna!
    that is a good idea though, but our lock doesn’t seem to work well enough to keep the kids out (believe me, i’ve tried locking them out on several occasions). i hope cfs isn’t reading this…

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