Ben still naps most days. Convincing him he needs to is often a challenge. Sometimes he is happier to nap if he can sleep in my bed. I don’t care where he sleeps.
I put him for a nap in my bed the other day and he fell asleep like this:

There are few things in the world I love more than a sweet sleeping child.
I could just eat him up.


One thought on “Relaxin’

  1. lorchick says:

    Before Nicole outgrew naps entirely, she started being really hard to get to go down for a nap, but really really crabby if she missed it. My sister in law suggesting lying down in my bed with her to read – I would read a magazine or something and Nicole would have to ‘read’ a book on her own. She would fall asleep within minutes most days, without the battle of wills. Worth a shot if he starts fighting you too much!

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