On Thorndale Avenue :: My favorite room.

In the last week we have put up baseboards and trim, finished painting hallways that were started years ago, replaced terribly ugly light fixtures, and cleaned our house from top to bottom. It has never looked so good. Never.

Thank goodness we will have 2 months to enjoy it. And thank goodness when we go to our new house we don’t have to do anything at all to it. Just move in and enjoy. *Sigh of happiness*.

Anyway, since our house is so lovely right now, I took some pictures. I have loved being here and I don’t want to forget it. We went from being a family of 3 to a family of 5 in this house. We have the best neighbors here and have loved spending the summers with them. If there’s one thing that makes us sad about moving, it’s leaving them. Seriously, you could not ask for better neighbors.

Anyway I think I will do a little blog series on our house here on Thorndale and what I love (or maybe don’t love) about it.

Here is my favorite room in the house:

It’s Oliver’s room and I’ve loved it since we painted it just before he was born. I looooove the color and I love the new seat cushions I made for the rocking chair and I love his crib sheet and basically everything about his room. It’s just nice to me.

Before he was born I painted that orange rectangle on his wall with the intention of painting his name on it. Well ten months later we’re getting ready to sell the house and it was still a blank space. I’m not sure how likely it is that a family with a child names Oliver will move in so I decided to do something a little more generic.

I love it so much, I just might have to do it in our new house.

I remember people talking about how they just “treasured those moments in the middle of the night with their little one”. I was convinced those people were lying. But now I’ve become one of those people. (Sometimes. Not every night). Oliver doesn’t get up in the middle of the night very often any more, but every once and awhile he does, and I go in and nurse him and rock him. Then even though I’m tired I often find myself just holding him and looking at his long eyelashes and his beautifully round cheeks and just drinking him in. He’s growing so fast and I know the moments where I’ll just hold him like that will come around less and less. So now I’m one of those crazies treasuring the middle of the night wakings. Sheesh.

I really will miss rocking my baby in this room.


6 thoughts on “On Thorndale Avenue :: My favorite room.

  1. AnitaRex says:

    What a beauitiful post! I love Oliver’s room and I love reading about middle of the night wakings, in some ways the moment with just the baby in the quietness of night is nice. :>

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    This house looks great, Nikki. And don’t worry you have 1638 pics of Oliver to remind you of his baby cuteness. I am also confident he will be a cute toddler, pre-schooler… The list goes on.

  3. Dad says:

    I’m glad you get to enjoy the finished look for 2 months. Some people only get days or hours. I’m looking forward to the parade of homes! We get back on the 22nd. or 23rd. When is the last parade of homes?

    Dad XOXOX

  4. dawn says:

    it really is a beautiful color! sometimes i miss the night feedings… it is crazy! i am so glad you have such wonderful memories in that house. and i agree with your dad – nice to be able to enjoy it for a couple months (when you aren’t going psycho packing!)! looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about everything!

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