Updating the truck stop.

Our basement bathroom has always very closely resembled a bathroom in a truckstop (or gas station or something equally horrible). I cannot believe we used that bathroom for a whole year before we finished our main floor bathroom when we first moved in. It was soooo nasty. Our realtor wisely advised us to improve it a bit before we put it on the market
And seriously, it is amazing what a $30 can of paint can do. Our bathroom looked much better after only a couple hours of work. (Why didn’t we do that years ago?!). Anyway it didn’t just need paint. It needed a new toilet seat. Who knows how old the previous one was, and besides being old, it was just plain gross.
Thank goodness that replacing toilet seats is a “blue job”, as Deanna would say. Neil reluctantly got to work.
What a job. The seat was basically rusted on and it was not easy to remove it. It’s also a tight fit in that bathroom.
At some point in the job I heard Neil shouting for me in a panicked voice. I went to see what the problem was and found this:

It may appear as though he was laughing, but he was, in fact, crying.
He was seriously stuck between the wall and the toilet with his face pressed against the toilet.
I, of course, was laughing. I was so disappointed my other camera batteries were dead and I could not make a video of this. I’m pretty sure I would have won the big prize on AFV.
It really did take a couple minutes of maneuvering for Neil to wiggle out of there, and it involved a lot of face-to-toilet and a lot of me laughing and a lot of Neil crying. But Neil did get the job done. I’m so glad to have a hard-working and brave husband like Neil.


9 thoughts on “Updating the truck stop.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    Dear Neil I love you and your “blue job” capabilities. You are an awesome hubby and dad. I seriously felt for you being stuck against the toilet. Had that been me, like if B was in the hospital or some such scenario, you would’ve needed some serious ativan for that panic attack. Lucky for you, you have a wife that documents EVERYTHING so in the future you can look back on these precious moments.

    Nikki you are awesome. Keep up the good work. My wish for you is that you keep a better supply of batteries in the house. As statistically speaking Neil is unlikely to ever get stuck like that again. And now we missed it. Yeesh.

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