On Thorndale Avenue :: Bedrooms.

It has been just nuts around here. I’ve been desperately battling the clutter and the dirt and the children trying to keep our house spotless for showings that may happen at any random time of the day. Making beds as soon as people get out of them. Inviting myself last minute over to a friend’s place so Oliver would have somewhere to nap. Spending a couple hours at the museum while strangers wander through our house. Trying to get to Portage but foiled by storms and highway closures.
Tomorrow is the open house and we are reviewing offers on Monday. Hopefully several offers and hopefully several thousand above asking. Hopefully. Regardless of the outcome, I just hope it’s all over on Monday. This is exhausting!
I wish I could spend more time here:

I always love sleeping, but I love it even more when my room is so clean. Even though we desperately need a new mattress and I am so tired of our bedroom furniture. I am beginning to loathe it and am currently coveting basically any other bedroom furniture that exists…

I also wish the kids would spend more time in their beds.

Why do they insist on getting up at 6:30 or so no matter when they go to bed? All of them. Why?! Every once and awhile we get a brief reprieve and they sleep till 7, but that never seems to last for more than a few days.

I love the hooks on their wall with their little superhero accessories.

Looks like we are in need of one more, tiny, cape.


3 thoughts on “On Thorndale Avenue :: Bedrooms.

  1. PamJ says:

    Good luck on selling! It’s nice that it is only a week process with offers on the table after the weekend. [Out here we are selling soon and it will take a bit more time than that – hopefully not much though!]
    What wonderful memories to keep and more to make in the next house…

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