124 Thorndale Avenue :: SOLD.

It’s official. Financing has gone through. We have sold our home and officially bought a new one.

It was a crazy couple weeks of finishing up our house (who would have known that we could finish everything we needed to in less than a week with less than $200?!) and keeping it spotless for six solid days. It was completely exhausting. I had plans to take the kids and go to Portage to stay with my sister for a few days, just to stay out of our house and keep it that much cleaner. Unfortunately the weather had other plans. Lucky for me, my children are very good (and I really do mean it when I say that). Of course I did let them watch an unhealthy amount of tv in an effort to keep them from playing with too many toys, but still. We also ate a very unhealthy amount of not-home-cooked food. Over the last weekend we were out for breakfast, spent a couple hours at the museum, a couple hours at the movie theatre, a couple hours at the mall play place, ate at the food court, McDonald’s, etc, etc, etc. The kids were totally wiped by Sunday night and so was I.

We were hoping for multiple offers on our house but that did not happen. We did get one offer for our asking price and we happily took it- we were so ready to be done with this! I know that God has a reason for everything and I am sure God is putting the right people into this house. They are a young family and I think that will make our neighbors happy. Oh I would feel so terrible if a grumpy bachelor moved in or something . There are enough wierd neighbors around here. Good-bye Pink-Housecoat-Girl and Pants-Always-Riding-Way-Too-Low-Girl. I will not miss either of you at all.

Anyway the buying and selling is over now. Now to start packing!


3 thoughts on “124 Thorndale Avenue :: SOLD.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:


    I wonder if your neighbours are related to my “I never dress my children” and “I run out on my rent” crazy lady?


  2. Tim Hamm says:

    I did a google search on our new house address and came across this blog. It looks like we will be the owners of your house on Thorndale! You mentioned that you hope that God is putting the right people in your house and we really feel like it was a God thing that we got this house and are pretty excited to move in.

    I’m a youth pastor here in Winnipeg and my wife is a teacher at a private Christian school. No kids yet, but that is the plan for the future in this home!

    It’s our first home so I don’t know if this is protocol or not, but would you be able to email me your contact info? We would love to hear of anything we should know about the house/neighborhood and also have some questions the insurance agency needs to know for a policy quote.


    Tim and Marcia

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