Oh, the suffering.

I made jammies for my friend’s nephew. They are seriously the cutest jammies I’ve ever seen. Ever.

I needed a model for them. Really, this was not a huge deal. They are jammies for a four year old boy. Who better to model than my own four year old boy?

Well apparently there is nothing worse in the world than modeling pajamas.

Seriously, I had to bribe Seth with candy and he was still in tears by the end of our 3 minute photoshoot.

Oh, the horrors of pajama modeling.


2 thoughts on “Oh, the suffering.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    Tell Seth he is AWESOME! And I just might have to bring him something special on my next trip home. And the other boys too, bien sur. I hear they are big fans of big Lego projects…

    Seriously they are awesoooome!

    I wish I could leave video posts on here. A) typing doesn’t do my excitement justice B) my hair looks REALLY bad right now. it’s rather amusing.

  2. lversteeg says:

    The only thing worse than modelling something your mom made, is staying out of the way while somebody ELSE models what your mom made. Hell hath no fury like a preschooler scorned!

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