Party: Part 2.

{Note: I just found this post sitting in my “drafts” section. I really thought I had posted it last month. I guess I didn’t though. Oh well, better late than never!}

On Ben’s actual birthday we went to Montana’s for supper. We’ve done this a few times now. They make you wear a silly hat and sing happy birthday to you and you get three tiny ice cream cones for dessert, so it’s lots of fun. Before we even got out of the van Ben explicitly told us he would not be wearing the hat in the restaurant. Okay fine. They had paper moose hats that were acceptable to Ben, so that worked out okay.
It happened to be Family Fun Night at Montana’s, which meant that the kids ate free and they had games and activities for the kids. Seth got his face painted, and Ben and I played with play-doh.

Oliver was on his best behavior and munched up the apple slices that Seth didn’t eat (as well as a generous portion of french fries. Third kids can get away with stuff like that).

It was our first night out for dinner with all three boys and it was great. The kids ate all their food and no one cried. The people next to us commented on how well-behaved our boys are. We had to agree!


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