It was Seth’s friend’s birthday party yesterday. Seth and Neil went shopping on Saturday to pick out a birthday gift. They picked out a Lego set called Pharaoh’s Quest or something like that. It looked like this:

It has an airplane and a good guy and some flying mummies.

Seth was really excited about it. “Maddox is going to think this is the coolest present ever!” He showed me the gift when he got home. He pointed to the mummies and said very dramatically, “And these are the DADS!!!”

I had a pretty good laugh.

Then it took me a substantial amount of time to explain what mummies were and that they are not actually dads. It took a lot of convincing for Seth to come around to the fact that something creepy can actually be called a mummy. The deciding factor was when I told him that they were boys, not girls. Then it was all okay.

Another story completely unrelated to mummies:

Seth is tearing around the house being a cheetah probably 70% of every day. (This contributes highly to the wearing-out of all pants’ knees). Anyway he and Ben were crawling around being cheetahs the other day, snarling and growling and hunting. Then I heard Seth say,

“I see a cantaloupe! I’m going to get him!!!”

He was referring to an antelope of course.

Again, much laughing on my part.

Kids are just really funny.


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