10 years ago.

10 years ago Neil proposed to me.

I said yes of course.

It was also Neil’s 19th birthday.

I remember people giving us crazy looks and hearing the “are you nuts” comments and wondering what everyone’s problem was and what the big deal was. Now I’d be the one giving the 19 year olds the crazy looks and muttering under my breath that they were nuts. So weird how that happens.

Not that I regret getting married when we were 20 and 21. I don’t at all, not one bit. Being married to Neil has been almost all really good times and very few sort-of-bad-but-not-that-bad-at-all times. We’ve grown up together and been able to spend all of our adult lives together. It’s been awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing. Anyway, the point is….

Happy Birthday Neil!!!

Now Neil is 29.

I love Neil so much.

He’s an amazing dad and the best husband. Really, he is. I mean it. I’m really, REALLY lucky.

Anyway, I know you’ve heard all of this from me before, so I’ll stop. We had his birthday party last night because tonight Neil and I are going on a date (yay!). The kids and I went shopping to pick out a birthday present. They wanted to get him a shirt and a hat, but I couldn’t remember what hat size Neil was, and besides, Neil has 37 hats that I’m already always picking up and putting away, so that was a no for me from the start. Ben wanted to buy him a new car. We went with the shirt instead. The kids made birthday cards for him and decorated his wrapping paper.

I don’t know WHAT Ben is doing in that picture, but this is my best shot of the Moran males.

I made brownies because apparently Wal-Mart doesn’t sell cake mixes (what?) and I only had enough cocoa to make a small pan of brownies (not even quite enough actually, but they still turned out). No icing, (no more cocoa), but they were still really REALLY good.

Did you get a good look at Neil and Seth’s faces in that picture? Love.

The kids were really excited to celebrate Neil’s birthday, even though they asked him why no one came to his birthday party….

Happy Birthday Neil. I love you forever.


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