We checked in on the kids on our way to bed the other night. It had been a busy day and Seth was so tired when we put them to bed.
We found him sleeping like this:

He looked like a little corpse. It was kind of funny (only because we knew he was still breathing).


2 thoughts on “Dead.

  1. joni simpson says:

    hi,, I think your stories are hilarious! 🙂 I’ve been hooked up with you via Tiny Tutus, and I’d like to continue following your blod. How do I go about that, pls. I’ve looked, but can’t find the usual link. Thanks! Hugz, Joni ❤

  2. neilandnikki says:

    hi joni! i’m so glad you like my blog! when i look at my blog there is a tab at the very top that says “subscribe”. does it have that when you look at it? i’m still new to blogging and subscribing and all that, but i do have a couple subscribers, so it must be possible! let me know if that works!

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