Ring Pop :: Baby Edition.

So Neil had a ring pop too.

While he was holding Oliver.

I think you can see where this is going. One of the things about Oliver is that you absolutely cannot let him have a glimpse of any food unless you are planning on feeding it to him or sharing it with him. Otherwise, he’s mad.

And oh did Oliver want that ring pop.

Well, no one wants to see a baby sad! So he had a lick or two. Yes, we know we probably just ruined those beautiful baby  teeth of his. They’re going to fall out one day anyway…

But the funniest thing was that Oliver would lean over and latch on to the ring part of the candy while Neil  had the actual candy in his mouth.

He would just suck away on that ring. So hilarious.

Anyway, no more candy for you Oliver. Not for a long time. This was just a perk of being the third child…


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