On Friday we got possession of our new house.
The kids and I packed the van full of all of our food and some of our dishes and a few toys and headed to Oakbank.
We were there by 8 in the morning because we needed to be there for someone to come hook up our phone and internet.
The boys were really excited to be in the new house. They ran from room to room checking everything out again, looking in all the closets (we can put SO many shoes in here Mom!!!), and deciding where they would put their beds in their new room. After they looked everything over they told me that we had picked a really good house. They were so cute- so excited about everything. I think one of their favorite features of the new house are the dual-flush toilets. They’ve already given people lessons on how to use them and they’ve also had fights over who gets to flush the toilet (I don’t care as long as someone’s flushing it).
We spent the day at the new house while the phone was hooked up and the blinds were installed. The kids were great all day. They found a spot to play with their toys…
And everyone shared a snack together…

And Ben even had a nap…

I was excited to be in our new house too. It was fun to unpack things into brand new cabinets and a brand new fridge.
Saturday was moving day and we started bright and early. Oh, except the bright part, because even though it was 21C on Friday, it was 8 and rainy on Saturday (but thank goodness the snow stayed away until Sunday!).
Anyway the entire house was loaded up by 9:30 in the morning- I could hardly believe it! We had such a great group of friends and family helping us- what a blessing.
My mom and I cleaned up the house while the guys drove the truck to Oakbank. It was definitely a little sad looking at the bare house.

But I was happy to be going to my lovely new home.
The saddest thing was picking up my boys next door where they were playing and saying goodbye to my neighbors and the little girls there. I will really miss that family! It seems so strange not to have them next door. I hope there’s some really awesome people building in the lots next to us.
Anyway, we’re here now, we’re settled in and almost all unpacked already (the truck was totally unloaded by 11 am on moving day! so awesome!). We’re loving it and feeling very much at home already. We’ve had some fellow Oakbankers over and had a great time. We are really looking forward to our new Oakbank life. We really do love it here already.


3 thoughts on “Moved.

  1. lorchick says:

    your new house looks lovely! I was in Oakbank the other day delivering my hubby lunch, he’s been working there a lot lately, and I have to say… Oakbank is hoppin! Like WOW they are growing FAST! I told my hubby I could totally live there, all the amenities for day-to-day living and totally close enough to make it worth the drive to Winnipeg for clothes shopping or whatever.

  2. Auntie Lori & Uncle D'Arcy says:

    Congratulations on your new home!
    It looks nice…I’m sure you will be very happy there. Maybe we’ll see get to this one:)

    Since we only get to see you guys once a year, we really enjoy the blog.

    Miss you guys,
    Lori & D’Arcy

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