For my birthday.

Today I am 30.
A year ago that would have freaked me out but today I’m good with it. I have a good life. A life I didn’t have when I was 20, so 30 it is.
If I could have anything at all for my 30th birthday, it would be a nap.
And then when I wake up I would eat this:

(photo credit)
But mostly the nap is what I want. The kids have been getting up even earlier than usual (like BEFORE 6) lately, and I felt like I was coping well with it but I guess it just caught up to me today. My eyes are burning with exhaustion.
I imagine that when I WAS 20 I never would have asked for a nap for my birthday, but today that is what I want.
So off I go to have one (Oliver is already asleep while fighting a fever-why!?) and Ben is tucked in my bed waiting for me to have a birthday nap with him. If you read this blog between the hours of 12 and 3 could you please just shoot up a prayer that Oliver and Ben both sleep longer than usual so that I can as well?
And happy birthday to me!


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