Oliver :: One Year.

Oliver turned one yesterday. One! He is 20 pounds now, is almost walking, still asks “what’s sat?” about everything, waves bye-bye, gives lovely open-mouth kisses, loves emptying the drawers and cupboards of my kitchen, and rearranging the condiments of the fridge.

Besides being Oliver’s birthday, it was also Mother’s Day.
We had a great day. I slept in (til 7:30! wow!). We went to church, which was awesome. Mother’s Day service is one of my favorites of the year. We took the kids to swimming lessons, which went great. We came home. I iced 48 cupcakes and a small cake for Oliver. I washed our floor (which is huge. really, really huge compared to our previous house!). And then the party got started!

Oliver had a great day.

He played with his toys and enjoyed all the family and friends that were over for the day.

It was great to have so many people over and have lots of room for everyone to be in the same space together. We love our new house! For supper we made homemade pizzas. It was a lot of fun and they tasted great (good-bye frozen pizzas!).

Oliver had his birthday cake. He got pretty into it.

He polished all that cake off with several juiceboxes that he found laying around.

And guess what? I got a cake too! My mom and lovely sister-in-law Jaclyn surprised me with a beautiful cake. They even put thirty candles on it. That was a lot.

And when I cut into it….


Can you see it? It’s a rainbow cake! I really wanted to make one of these but I just didn’t have the time. I wasn’t expecting that when I cut into it and it was such a fun surprise. It was such a pretty cake. And delicious too! Seriously, the icing was amazing!

Oliver had fun getting into all his presents, and was walking more than he ever had (always to the pile of presents).  He got this cute little housecoat from my Grammy. This picture is only from behind, but I think you can tell how cute he looks. Oh those little legs!

It was such a fantastic day. Oliver and I were both blessed by all our family and friends and their lovely gifts and wonderful company. We are so lucky to have such good people in our lives! Thank you everyone!

P.S. One year ago today was this blog’s busiest day ever. 325 of you stopped by to check out the news of Oliver’s birth and an update later that day.


5 thoughts on “Oliver :: One Year.

  1. Helen Knox says:

    That rainbow cake looks awesome…is there a trick to it? Or do you just separate the cake batter and add food colouring?

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    Rainbow cake = AWESOME!!!

    You deserve all your happiness and more! You are an amazing mother and a super fantastic friend. My life would be so boring without you and your kiddies!!!

    BIG West Coast Hugs!

  3. mom says:

    yup, you just split the batter – 2 white cake mixes, round cake pans, one site suggested you measure the batter – a good tip I think so you have sort of the same size cakes 🙂 we used paste food coloring except for the red b/c we didn’t have that color. we used swiss meringue buttercream frosting and it was wonderful. you can google from whiskkids or something – epic rainbow cake….
    happy to do this for you nikki, and I’m glad you were surprised, jaclyn and I had fun! we love you.

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