I’ve been a slack blogger lately. I apologize. Life is keeping me busy.

In an effort to catch up I thought I would breeze through a few pictures from the last couple weeks and share what Oliver has been up to lately:

Watching diggers.

It always amazes me how boys are born with such an affinity towards machinery and vehicles! All three of my boys have been able to make car sounds before their first birthdays!

Eating cucumbers. He actually ate almost an inch of this cucumber. He loves cucumbers! (But preferably straight out of the fridge while he sits perched in the opening).

Watching tv with his big brothers.

And stacking rings. Naked of course.

Honestly though, Oliver loves those stacking rings! He just does them over and over again!

Anyway, a brief glimpse at a one year old’s life. It’s a good life I think.


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