Sprng finally came on Saturday. Yesterday it was 22C and so sunny and beautiful. We went to church, swimming lessons, and hung out with friends all afternoon. There were 8 kids 7 and under and everyone played so well together. It was the best day!

Today it’s supposed to be sunny and 22C again- and for the next few days, too! I pulled out the summer clothes for the kids and oh does it do my heart good to see little bare legs again.

The kids have dentist appointments this morning and then we’re having some friends over here this afternoon. I’m feeling really sad about the fact that we don’t have even a piece of grass in our yard. Oh I so hope we can sod by the end of the month!

Anyway I just wanted to share this picture of my boys and I on Mother’s Day. Our church set up photo booths and took pictures for everyone. I thought it was such a great idea since I am always the one behind the camera and I have so few pictures of me and my babies. They had lots of fun props, and even though most of them were pretty girly, the kids have fun.

Here`s the best shot:

I realize you can barely see me, but I am there. With my kids.  I love those boys!

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