Long weekend.

I love long weekends!

On Monday we decided to check out the zoo and the new children`s garden at Assiniboine park here in Winnipeg. Apparently the rest of Winnipeg went too. I`ve never seen the parking lot so packed before! And the weather was TERRIBLE. Seriously, the weather network said it as 10C and cloudy but I swear it felt more like 3 degrees. It was SOOOO cold.
We had a great day despite the cold. We had a fun time at the zoo as always. Oliver loved checking everything out and occasionally growling at the random animals. The lion jumped right up at us while we were watching him through the glass (It was a little freaky. I hope I never run into a lion in real life, those suckers are BIIIIG). We watched the monkeys swinging and saw a new baby mountain goat.
After the zoo we walked over to the new garden and had a picnic.

Oliver was so happy to get a drinking box. I think he would choose to live solely on drinking boxes if he could.

After our picnic we explored the new children`s garden. And it is AMAZING. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. It is awesome! I didn`t take very many pictures because there were hundreds of people everywhere, but I did get this picture of the boys on a swing. I swear it is my favorite picture in the history of all my pictures.

The happiness!
It was a lot of fun and we can`t wait to go back when the sun is shining and our teeth are not chattering.
Here`s one last picture of the tired-out boys on our way home…

Can`t wait till next weekend!


2 thoughts on “Long weekend.

  1. Dara says:

    wow, you have much better luck at the zoo than we do. EVERY time we go every single animal is hiding or sleeping or both, except the monkeys. I’m glad they are actually alive and moving around for other people at least.

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