Chicken Daze.

Oakbank is so awesome. They have a fair called Chicken Daze. There were chicken-shaped signs up for weeks advertising the chicken races (?), pancake breakfasts, live bands, parade, and I even saw one advertising chicken decorating. I don’t know. Anyway, awesome.

Neil took the kids to the parade on Saturday when I was at work. They came home with a tonne of candy and were so excited about it. When I got home from work we headed back to the fair and checked out the face painting and the rides.


Oliver spent the entire time in the wagon, but he didn’t mind at all since he had some balloons to play with.

The boys had such a good time, even though there were only a few rides they could go on.

Small town fairs: big fun!


One thought on “Chicken Daze.

  1. Lenay says:

    Awesome comment and we are glad you enjoyed it. As president of ADHOC who puts on Chicken Dase we love hearing this as there is only 6 of us who plan this and when we hear that people notice our efforts like the parade, fair, and chicken signs….it drives us to keep getting better at it. Lenay Gutoski.

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