In love.

Oliver is just too much for me lately. I’m just smitten with him. His big blue eyes and soft blond hair (how did I get another blondie?). His sweet little voice and terribly cute walk. The way he finds me and crawls up onto my lap. The way he throws himself down beside me in bed to nurse. The way he laughs so very easily at almost everything. His open-mouthed kisses amd the way he waves hello and good-bye. I’m just so in love in with him. He can say banana now- “na-na!” and he shouts it exuberantly in the produce section and then hollers angrily when I don’t immediately peel one for him (shopping has become a covert operation involving distracting Oliver while the big kids throw the bananas in the cart as quickly as they can before Oliver notices). He has such a personality- so sweet but strong willed too. He’ll give Ben or Seth a shove if they’re in his way, who cares if they’re twice as big as he is, and tell him no and you’re likely to see the saddest face ever and then hear sobs. Poor guy, life is rough. Sometimes on my days to sleep in I find myself wanting to wake up just so I can go see Oliver- he’s just THAT cute. I’m saddened by the fact that it won’t be long before he’s giving me attitude or yelling things at me like, “You’re never going to be my mom ever again!” (a la Benjamin). But for now I’ll just enjoy the sweet, sweet love of a one year old. There is really nothing like it.


One thought on “In love.

  1. Louise says:

    Aw, so sweet. You are right. One year olds are awesome. I love my 20 month old but man, I do wonder some days where the little angel she was at 12-13 months went… It goes by so fast. Enjoy him Nicole! I know you are!

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