Here we go again….

Yep, it’s true. Baby number 4 is set to arrive at the end of January.
No, we’re not really sure what we were thinking. It was a bit of a rash and not-thought-out decision and we were definitely surprised by the positive pregnancy test (although I’m not sure why, we should know how this works by now).
I blame it entirely on Neil. He totally caught a case of baby fever while we were on our holiday in Punta Cana. Cute baby girls around all the time, and all of a sudden Neil wants one. He went so far as to check out the very reliable Chinese calendar and realized that if we made this happen quick, we’d get a girl. But we only had one shot at it, because for basically the year after that, it would be all boys for us. And since the Chinese gender calendar is pretty much 100% accurate (okay, apparently more like 60%), we decided to take our chances. And lo and behold, we’re pregnant.
I know I said we were a bit surprised, and we’re definitely wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into, but we’re also getting excited. (In the approximately 7 minutes of spare time I’ve had over the last month to actually think about this). We love our babies and we love ’em good. We’ve made super cute ones so far and I’m sure this one will be no different (probably even cuter if possible). Boy or girl, we know this baby will make a lovely addition to our family. Hey, we’ve been rocking three kids, I’m sure we’ll be awesome at four.
That said, I’ve been feeling pretty miserable. Like barely coping with life’s daily activities. I’m not throwing up but I spend the day in that feeling of near-vomiting but never quite there. It’s really enjoyable. Also, the tiredness. I always forget how extreme the exhaustion is. I’m like, what the heck, I’m tired already, how bad can it be? Oh, it’s bad. Like, I’m looking forward to the day that I don’t need two naps and an 8 o’clock bedtime every day. I’m sleeping almost as much as Oliver for goodness’ sake. (Thank goodness Oliver naps twice and the big boys are so well-behaved that they let me sleep while he does!). Today I’m having minor eye surgery (weird things growing on my eyelids- super awesome- getting removed) and I was actually looking forward to it thinking that I’ll get to lay down for about an hour. Then I remembered my eyelids will be clamped open and inside out, so I guess it won’t be as restful as I originally thought. Oh well, I get to wear eye patches for a couple hours afterward and my eyes will definitely spend those hours sleeping! Ah, the simple pleasures.
Anyway judging from the rate this pregnancy is progressing at, it will be over before I know it, so I’ll try to just savor it as much as I can. Because this WILL be the last one. I SWEAR.


8 thoughts on “Here we go again….

  1. Erika Driedger says:

    So happy for you guys! Sorry to hear that you’re sick though. I totally understand that stupid nausea all the time feeling! πŸ™‚

  2. Louise says:

    I hate to tell you this Nikki but the chinese calendar was completely wrong for me, both times! But I have a feeling you’ll have a girl this time. And I have to have at least as good of a shot as the chinese calendar of being right!!! Congrats again!

  3. Crystal says:

    SO I should blame my girls on this one πŸ˜‰ Congrats…I’m rooting for TEAM PINK…besides, I have lots of girl clothes and not a thing to do with them!! You may have to share with Tennillt, though!! Congratualtions!!

  4. PamJ says:

    Congrats! VERY exciting πŸ™‚ 4 is a great number. Whether pink or blue, will pray for a healthy one! AND that you can get some rest after a crazy week being dr Mom…

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