Stomach flu, day 2.

Feeling a little tired today after approximately 17 interruptions to my sleep in the night. Really sweet interruptions, like, “MOM! I’m puking!” (more than once). Oy.

I guess we can be thankful this is the first time any of our kids have had the stomach flu, and we’ve had some of these kids for almost 5 years already, so that’s a pretty good record I guess.

But two at a time, that’s just nasty.

Now I’m just praying really REALLY hard that Oliver doesn’t catch this bug too. That seems like it would pretty much be a nightmare.

And I’m also praying really REALLY hard that Neil or I don’t catch it either. I have big plans involving a weekend away with girlfriends and I’m pretty sure I will cry if things don’t work out.

Anyway, did you notice my new blog header? Do you LOVE it as much as I do? Trying to revamp the old blog a bit, so you may notice some more changes over the next few days and weeks.

Say a little prayer for my childrens if you think of it. What a blessing that they don’t mind lying on the couch watching DVDs for 36 straight hours.


5 thoughts on “Stomach flu, day 2.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    I DO LOVE IT!!! where do you find these things?!?!?!

    i too love that little egg. 🙂

    i am def sending all my good thoughts your way. i believe BM will protect Oliver, like a shield.

    hang in there, buddy!

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