Poor, poor, pitiful me.

Ben had been so lethargic for the last couple days that I almost took him to emergency last night. Thankfully he managed to keep some sips of juice and water down overnight and woke up in much better spirits and seems to be feeling a lot better, although still not 100%. Seth seems like he’s all good now.

I woke up so happy that Ben was doing better and then while Oliver was eating his breakfast he had an episode of explosive poo that resulted in a bath and the throwing out of his pajamas. Okay, maybe it was just a fluke, I thought to myself. Then ten minutes later he threw up all over the place. Stomach flu #3 confirmed.

I actually started crying. I’ve been breastfeeding that child like crazy hoping all the flu immunity would be passed onto him. At least it held off until the other two were better I guess.

Seth’s preschool graduation is today and I guess I will miss it. I’m feeling a little sorry for myself.

I’m not sure whether or not I can pull off a weekend away. I know Neil is very capable of handling the kids this weekend, but it seems a little mean to leave him with a vomiting baby. We’ll see how the day goes.

Clearly I’m feeling a little sorry for myself and a little overwhelmed. The cleaning of carpets, sheets, children, etc, is wearing me down a bit and I just want it to be over but now it looks like I’ve got another day or two of it ahead of me.

Anyway, in the spirit of boo hoo, here’s a picture of me after my eyelid surgery on Tuesday.

Ha! That picture is so funny to me, it actually cheers me up a little bit. Although I have to say that local aneasthetic to the eyelids hurts like a sonofagun. While a needle was jammed into my eyelid and my eyes were rolling back from the pain I actually remember thinking to myself that I would rather give birth than do that again. Seriously. Super bad. But my eyelids are doing quite nicely and it is lovely not to have big ol’ lumps on them anymore!

Thanks for reading me pitiful post. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Poor, poor, pitiful me.

  1. mama says:

    poor thing, I am feeling sorry for you too, wish I could come help – however, I do not want that flu …. I love you xoxox mamama

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