Me so lucky.

I know I’ve mentioned to you before how special my husband is.
And just in case you doubted me, I have more proof.

That was taken after a team meeting this morning. I’m just so proud of my husband and all his accomplishments.
And I’m so lucky to be celebrating nine years of marriage with this very special man tomorrow.
I bet you wish you were as lucky as me.
Disclaimer- My husband actually sent me this picture of his own accord. Neil often struggles with a lack of “thinking ahead” ability. He called me this morning telling me how he’d posed in this picture, half proud of himself and half “what the h was I thinking?” I find that this happens quite regularly with Neil. Probably a big part of why I love him so much.


3 thoughts on “Me so lucky.

  1. dawn says:

    love it – that pic definitely got a laugh! nine years – hard to believe some days. not supposed to be as hot tomorrow as it was nine years ago!!
    ps. i like the new banner with the little egg. very cute!

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