School’s out.

Tuesday was Seth’s last day of preschool. What? How did that happen? Wasn’t it just September like 8 minutes ago? (if you do head on over to that link, I want you to know that the jeans Seth is wearing in that picture are basically flood pants now, with no knees of course).
Anyway, what a great year. Seth has learned so much and grown heaps in confidence. We’re so proud of him. We are so thankful for the wonderful preschool teachers who taught Seth this past year.
I sewed his teachers some coffee sleeves and made a matching card to say thank you for such a great year.

Oliver thought that stack of coffee cups was so great. I think it made his list of “top five best moments of life so far”.

Oh to be one.

Seth signed all of the cards in his signature style.

At some point in the school year he added the M to his name and then very soon after that he added the 4 (I guess it’s important that everyone knows specifically which Seth this is and that he is currently 4 years old). I love it.

Here’s to a fantastic summer!

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