Seth is 5.

We had Seth’s 5th birthday party on Saturday.

It was pretty great. Neil drew up an awesome skyscape (is that a word? I’m not sure) and the kids all had a blast coloring on it and sticking superhero stickers everywhere.


All the kids got a superhero mask and cape. Super cute.


After playing for awhile we pulled out the fabric markers and the kids decorated their capes. They were pretty specific in their design. Except for Seth’s friend Josh, who said his was “abstract”.


Everyone was pretty pleased with themself.

And of course there was cake. I really loved the little bunting I made for the top of it. It was simple but gave the cake a little extra pop I think. Neil looked at me like I was weird when I showed it to him- what do you think?



Yep, it was a rainbow cake! Albeit a much dumbed down version of one, but Seth’s 5, not 30. The kids loved it and it tasted pretty yummy too. You seriously need to try making swiss meringue buttercream icing for your next cake. Not too hard and oooooh sooooo delicious.

There were presents.

And after a bit of playing with the new stuff, we headed outside to test out the superhero gear. Ciara was surprisingly into the role of super girl and was posing it up like she was born to grace the cover of a comic book.

Check out the little superheroes in action:

Yeah, Ben was seriously over it by this point, but it’s still a great picture.

Happy Birthday Seth! You changed our lives in the biggest way 5 years ago and we sure love you for it!


5 thoughts on “Seth is 5.

  1. Helen says:

    Super cute! The bunting is great because the little flags moved when Seth blew his candles out 🙂 I did the rainbow cake for my sister’s birthday and it was a great surprise. I have to say I stole the idea from here and the swiss meringue buttercream was delicious!

  2. Pam says:

    LOVE the bunting on the cake 🙂
    I made meringue buttercream for boy2’s bday this year [also rainbow-ish cake] and it was a hit! It’s not too sweet and everyone wanted more…
    Happy Birthday big guy!!

  3. Shilo says:

    AH this is too great! I made my daughter the Martha Stewart Rainbow cake for her 4th Bday..and it was so yummy! We called it the cloud since it was just white with the same YUMMY icing on it! — my sons 3rd Bday was also a Superhero party with masks and capes! Love the blog! so fun!

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