Ciara is 5, too.

It was Ciara’s birthday too, of course.

We headed out to Portage on the weekend for a pool party in the hot sun.

Oliver was pretty amped on the fruit dip. He sat there eating it with a wooden skewer until I finally took it away.


I love this picture of Ciara and Seth.

We used to take about a million pictures of these two every time we got together. Now it seems that it’s rare that we get a picture of the two of them. They’re starting to have such different interests and so they’re not quite as buddy-buddy as they used to be. Although Seth still clearly loves Ciara as he’s spent the last two days making about 17 birthday cards for her, covered with her name and big “5”s everywhere. Today he asked me, “How do you spell, ‘I really love you Ciara?’ ”


Happy birthday young lady! We love you!


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