Gone fishin’.

Over the weekend we went to Grammy’s cabin on Bird Lake. I had a great guest post planned but I appear to have lost my notes (or my guest destroyed them, not sure).
Oh well.
Being at the cabin is always so peaceful and relaxing. The boys always spend as much time as possible fishing and this year was no different.

Except that this was the first year ever a fish was caught! (by our family anyway).

I think this was the first time my kids have ever seen a fish on a fishing line. Ben was super excited and kept rubbing the fish’s back like it was a golden retriever or something. Except that in between petting it he would ask if we could kill it. “Let’s cut it up and eat it for lunch!” We didn’t though. Maybe next fish.

Seth continues to cast and reel as smoothly as ever. I can’t wait for the day that he catches a fish.

The boys are such boys and I love it so much. As soon as they woke up in the morning they were asking if they could go fishing with dad again and they spent a couple hours each day doing so. They loved spending time fishing with their dad, and I’m sure their dad loved it too, even if he has a couple holes in his calves from mistakenly directed casts from well-meaning little boys.

Can’t wait till our next trip to the lake!


One thought on “Gone fishin’.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    The calf holes will just add character.

    Ben’s comments about the fish are SO CUTE!! He’s hardcore, petting his dinner before wanting to cut it up and eat it 🙂 Priceless.

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