Not quite ready.

Oliver’s been giving me some trouble with his naps lately. I don’t need any trouble so I thought maybe we’d try pushing him to just one midday nap instead of a morning and afternoon nap.

I was vacuuming while he was eating a muffin and I was happy he wasn’t crying like he usually does when I vacuum. Then I turned around and noticed he was looking a little out of it.



I was sad I didn’t have a video camera because it was hilarious. He was soooo tired and kept nodding off but then would sort of wake up and take another bite of his muffin while his head was bobbing around. Eventually he gave it up though.

Um, how cute. But I guess he’s not quite ready for one nap. It’s always been a sort of secret fantasy of mine to have a kid fall asleep at the table (you know, like they always do in America’s Funniest Videos?). Anyway, now I can be happy. I have finally exhausted a child enough that he fell asleep in the middle of a snack. I love you Oliver!

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