The good life.

At work last night I ran into a lady I knew from a hundred years ago. We were talking and catching up a little bit. I talked about my boys. I talked about my sister’s girls. And then I talked about my baby sister and her wonderfully exotic life, how’s she’s been living in various wonderful places all across the world for the last 5 or 6 years. I said, “She’s living the good life!” And the lady I was talking to said to me, “No. I think YOU are.”

And she was exactly right. I may not be in Fiji, or Hawaii, or anywhere very exciting.

But I AM living the good life.


6 thoughts on “The good life.

  1. claudette hennan says:

    how true that is – I love you, you are a wonderful mom and wife and daughter, I am proud of you – the way you love your husband and kids.

  2. Rachel Hennan says:

    Agreed. I only hope/pray to have 3 beautiful babies like you one day 🙂 God is so good to all of us really!

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