So I’m pretty much almost done the first trimester already. Um, that went fast.

Besides maybe two weeks of the last couple months, I’ve felt really good. I’m usually plagued with terrible headaches throughout my first trimesters. I’ve only had one headache this time around. What a treat!

I don’t eat meat. This is usually the case for me when pregnant, but I think maybe it’s always been in milder forms. This time around I don’t think I’ve eaten any meat in 6 weeks besides the odd McDonald’s bacon cheeseburger (which probably isn’t really meat and that’s probably why I like it. Also, it’s only $1.39.)

I’m not quite as tired anymore. Well, I am still tired, but I think that’s more to do with all the running around and playing that comes with summer. Everyone’s exhausted, not just me!

I have a very tiny bump. Very tiny. Probably no one would notice it except me usually. Unless I just ate a big supper. Then it pops out a little more.

Here it is after a big supper:

It doesn’t usually look quite that big, but then it’s  not worth taking a picture of. Please excuse the no make-up, straggly  hair look. Camping, you know. This is actually the one and only picture of me taken during our camping trip (besides a couple where I just happened to be in the background preparing a meal or something).

Anyway, that’s the first trimester in a nutshell. I have my first doctor appointment tomorrow (that’s how it goes when you’re the fourth fetus I guess) although I did sneak a listen to baby’s lovely little heartbeat last week when I was at work. It sounded very feminine if you ask me…


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