Hello my pretties.

Our livingroom has been an expanse of dark brown for awhile now. Brown couches, brown floors, nothing else. Not even an area rug since Seth threw up all over it last month.

I had ordered some fabric to sew up some cushion covers a loooong time ago. And I finally sewed them. It took all of about 20 minutes for each one.

And I love.

Especially that blue one. It’s my favorite. I think I’ll probably have to order some more of that loveliness.

Now the brown expanse is broken up with a little bit of color.

Now to get an area rug. And a side table. That’s not brown.

Also, please disregard the dustiness that is my floors. It’s not that I don’t clean them. Oh, wait, yes it is. But actually my husband DOES clean them, and just did a few days ago. That is the curse that these floors are. But like I’ve said before, they sure are pretty when they’re clean. Even if that only lasts 3.2 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Hello my pretties.

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    I LOVE your couch!! How is it for naps?

    Our couch isn’t deep enough for B’s liking. Next couch will have to be nap tested prior to purchase. That should be an interesting trip to the store…

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