Since our camping trip was cut short, we decided to spend an afternoon at Tinkertown.




Neil so very generously suggested that I be the one to get the wristband and go with the kids on the rides that they needed an adult with them. Aw, he’s so sweet, I was thinking.

Until I had to go on the rollercoaster 23 times.

Okay, it wasn’t 23, but it was a lot. And yes, I know it’s the tiniest rollercoaster in the world. But it’s still really fast and really whips you around those corners. After a couple of times I’d had enough but the boys sure hadn’t. I was actually totally surprised that Ben wasn’t scared. He was laughing so hard the whole time. Every time. I’m happy that next year he’ll be tall enough to go by himself. And Oliver will still be too small to ride it. And the year after that- Neil’s turn.

Because not only was there the rollercoaster, but there was also the giant slide that you had to climb up 94 stairs to get to.

Okay, yeah, it was super fun. But I was TIRED after all those trips up the stairs.

It was time for a cotton candy break. And a giant pickle. Why does Tinkertown sell giant pickles? I don’t know. But they are AMAZING. Oliver actually didn’t like the cotton candy but he really did like my pickle.

And honestly, I was a little annoyed I had to share my pickle with him. Because it was seriously the best pickle I’d ever eaten. I spent the rest of our day wondering if Neil would let me buy another one. I never got up the courage to ask. I’ll probably have to stop at Tinkertown just for a pickle one day soon.

After the cotton candy and pickle, it was time for more fun.



Wouldn’t you know, I also got to jump on the giant jumping pillow while poor Neil sat on a bench sipping his cold drink and eating the rice krispie cake we brought.

Despite my exhaustion, I had a fun day. And so did the kids. Weirdly Neil was the one whining to go home at the end of the day. (He was secretly feeling sad about missing out on all the rides, I bet).

See you next year Tinkertown!

2 thoughts on “Tinkertown.

  1. Helen says:

    We were wondering if Aimee would be the right age for it and it looks like she would be. Your boys looked like they were having a blast!

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