14 weeks.


I just had a bunch of stuff written and then I somehow deleted it all.

I don’t feel like typing it again and I really need a cup of coffee.

Here’s a summary of the last week: working, playing, growing, and eating.


and this:

I’ve eaten so many hot peppers my mouth has burned so bad I had to eat half a loaf of bread to calm it. Once I start, I can’t stop, and I even ate them on the way home from work one night. I’ve switched from hot bananas to peperoncini (WHY did I not know about these before?!) and mild banana peppers to ease my suffering a bit. Also, just discovered I can make a virgin caesar that tastes so good I don’t even care that it’s missing the alcohol. I had four yesterday. Probably need to go to Costco for Clamato from now on.

I’m not sure if the cravings are actually due to pregnancy or if it’s more like since I’m pregnant I justify eating extremely large quantities of things that I normally wouldn’t. Who even cares.

Now for that cup of coffee.


2 thoughts on “14 weeks.

  1. dara says:

    pepperonchino’s are awesome! my obsesssion started with quizno’s ones and now i just buy the biggest jars cuz they go on everything. nummies!

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