Last week we finally got our driveway poured!

Oliver was really excited to see a mixer up close.

So was I, to be honest. I’ve been waiting for our driveway for a long time!

The kids watched for a bit, then got back to playing.

Later in the day I got the guys to help me stamp the kids’ feet.

It didn’t turn out like I envisioned, but when you’ve got pony-tailed construction workers lifting up your kids and stamping their feet for you, you can’t be picky. I tried to draw a heart with a question mark in it for our littlest, but that didn’t turn out too well either. Apparently the art of concrete is a tricky one.

But just look at our lovely ginormous driveway!

I’m in love! We’ve already had lots of fun playing on it and I can’t wait to paint it up with some sidewalk chalk paint. I’m not sure when Neil will let us do that though…

Next on the agenda- GRASS!!!


4 thoughts on “Driveway.

  1. Donna says:

    Beautiful home Nicole!! Your boys are soooo cute-love the footprints and heart!!
    That is quite the driveway, you could have drag races on there!!

  2. toban4life says:

    Nice driveway!! I was excited when we got ours a month or so ago too 🙂
    btw – your house looks IDENTICAL to our neighbours house [also built by DoWalt] but totally different town and pretty sure my boys super soaked the pony tailed dude last summer on a hot day…!

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