15 weeks.

Another week gone by that felt like it was about 3 minutes long. Everything still feels a little surreal a lot of the time. I look down at my expanding belly and think, really? Am I really pregnant? Hoping it sinks it soon. I snuck a peek at the baby using an old scanner at work. So amazing to see a whole little person in there, waving arms and squirming body. Pretty darn sweet. Even though I’m still in a mild form of denial regarding this pregnancy, I’m still really looking forward to meeting this baby and to our family growing. It’s going to be good.

Oh, and it appears that once again, I’m not the only one expecting in my family.

Benji really loves playing with his baby, and sometimes it’s in his tummy and he needs to go to the “hopsital” to get it out. He is always the “mommy” (never the dad!) and takes very good care of his little baby. Oliver loves playing with the little baby doll too. I can’t wait to see all these kids as big brothers to the new baby- I have a feeling they’re going to be great at it!


5 thoughts on “15 weeks.

    • neilandnikki says:

      Thanks Olivia. I always try so hard to make my pregnancy pics look as lovely and serene as yours, but it never seems to work out. Maybe this one works because you can’t actually see me :).

  1. Deanna McCowan says:

    You’re beautiful!

    Also I think Ben REALLY looks like Seth in this pic. Am I crazy?!

    I for one am super pumped about the new Moran! Anytime your kids need a trip to the West Coast….

    JK. I can’t handle 3 kids, who am I fooling?!

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